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I’m Sheena Pena. Still life is my specialty, with minimal equipment because I prefer enhancing the quality light. I enjoy portrait shots that celebrates life and happiness, since poker-faced models are so boring. I would love to help you with your photography service needs. Drop a message if you are interested. Thanks!
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Today we decided to take our 8-month old Pomeranian pup in UP. The UP oval is filled with joggers and bike riders during Sunday mornings since the path for cars are blocked. People of all ages go there. Just today I saw a grandpa riding a bike. During the afternoons, there are occasional wake boarders too since there’s fewer people compared to the morning crowd.

It’s Mimi’s first time to walk outdoors. She preferred sniffing the ground than walking. Her nose looks like it was sprinkled with fresh parsley. After hearing the clicking sound of my sister’s bike though, she started following her.

cute fluffy puppy furball pomeranian dog walking outdoors in UP by sheena pena with a sporty girl on a bike freelance affordable photography

Tired and thirsty Mimi needed a drink. Pomeranians die easily of heat stroke because of their fur, so constant hydration and her own mini fan at home is a must.

fluffy puppy pomeranian in park philippines quezon city reasonable freelance photography by sheena pena


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